Tove Lo Gives Us “Wood” with Her New Album

I have a confession to make: I never heard of this badass Swedish girl before listening to Talking Body-Gryffin Remix on Spotify. After I discovered this song, I played it on loop for hours and it was the time when I met my boyfriend now, so it has a really special meaning for me.

Then Tove Lo got into my radar, I started following her on Facebook. On October 28th, she blessed us with her second album “Lady Wood” The album consists of two chapters: “Fairy Dust” and “Fire Trade”. Swedish star co-wrote all 12 tracks on Lady Wood which is the first half of a two-piece double album. For her upcoming third studio album in 2017, she announced the other two chapters will be named “Light Beams” and “Pitch Black”.

Maybe you are wondering where is the name of the album coming from. As Tove Lo explains at a interview with Vice:

“I remember writing the bridge of the title track, and thinking that I wanted to say, like, ‘You’re turning me on,’ but I wanted to find another word. Like, what’s the word for a female hard-on? I think I heard it in a movie somewhere—they were just like, ‘You give me wood.’ And I was like, ‘Girl wood, or, Lady wood! Yes!'”

“Sex, Love, and ‘Lady Wood’: A First Date with Tove Lo”. Vice.

My personal favorites are Influence, True Disaster and Imaginary Friend. Also she released a short film called “Fairy Dust”

Watch it below:

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