Music Happens When and Where You Least Expected

Music Happens Here” draws a connection between iconic cities and how local culture has inspired music throughout history.

The original video series, presented by Hilton and produced by Live Nation is the first of its kind on Spotify and gives audiences an insider’s guide to some of the most iconic places (Los Angeles, London, New Orleans, San Francisco, Nashville, Seattle and New York) where music has been created, performed and celebrated. There will be corresponding curated playlists that will guide listeners on a walking tour of the featured cities and the places where music actually happened, is happening and will continue to happen. These playlists will be found exclusively on Spotify.

Los Angeles would be the first featured stop in the new series. Here, viewers will get insight into the city’s historical music moments. You will learn where Silversun Pickups got their name from, which building is the world’s first circular office building, how Malibu beaches inspired “Wish You Were Here” of Incubus, the sunsets that lit up Jim Morrison’s work with The Doors to the Sunset strip lights that bathed Guns N’ Roses and countless other metal acts as they crafted the soundtrack to the ’80s.  Los Angeles is and always has been a muse – its energy and its landscapes inspiring artists and musicians across generations.

Future episodes will highlight the specific places that inspired some of our the most cherished songs, from “New York State of Mind” to “London Calling.”

If you want to listen the playlist on Spotify:

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