Beyine Kazınmış Şarkı Sözleri #2

Dido buğulu sesiyle beni büyüleyen şarkıcılardan biri olmuştur. Don’t Believe In Love isimli şarkı beyine kazınan şarkı sözlerine sahip olmayı hak ediyor.

I wanna go to bed with arms around me
But wake up on my own
Pretend that I’m still sleeping
Til’ you go home

Oh I can’t look at you this morning
I should probably have a sign
That says ‘Leave right now or quicker’
You’ve overstayed your time

If I don’t believe in love nothing will last for me
If I don’t believe in love nothing is safe for me
When I don’t believe in love you’re too close to me
And that’s why you have to leave

Maybe I slept peaceful on your shoulder
Your arm warm around my side
But it’s different now, it’s morning
And I can’t face your smile

The second that I feel your safe hands
Reaching out for mine
I slip away and out of sight
You’ve overstayed your time

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